1. The OMORFIE Hair Styler must ONLY be connected to the current socket of voltage specified on the rating plate. Either 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz.

2. Do not use the OMORFIE Hair Style if it is defective or the cord is damaged.

3. NEVER use the OMORFIE Hair Styler in Water or “other” liquids.

4. Hands MUST be dry when using the OMORFIE Hair Styler.

5. Do not place the OMORFIE Hair Styler on Plastic and or any material sensitive to heat.

6. When turning on the OMORFIE Hair Styler, you will hear a sound. The “Red LED” light will start flashing once the device reaches the setting temperature.

7. Hair must be DRY when using the OMORFIE Hair Styler.

8. Please, DO NOT touch the OMORFIE Hair Styler plates whilst hot.

9. After styling is finished, please unplug the OMORFIE Hair Styler and leave it to cool down completely before storing it.

10. Before carrying out any cleaning, the OMORFIE Hair Styler must be Unplugged and Cooled down.

11. It is not recommended to wrap the cord around the OMORFIE Hair Styler, this can result in the cord to “fray”.

12. DO NOT use the OMORFIE Hair Styler for any other purpose, other than its intended use.